Can artwork be made for advertisers to go into the program?

Yes, all paid artwork will be made thru AHK Creatives | 804-441-2637 |

Do I have to volunteer?

YESYES.......Yes. All families are REQUIREDto volunteer at MASS! We STRONGLY encourage families to come help out at any and all other volunteering opportunities that arise! 

How can Band Parents be involved and help?

Band parents are welcome to join in any show choir parent festivities, it is encouraged.

How much do I still owe?

Your remaining balance is indicated on Dance Studio Pro. If you have an inquiry about what you still owe, please contact April Kochon | 804-678-9060 |

I am not getting any emails or reminds, what do I do?

Contact Alisha Rhodes to add you to the email list, | (804) 833-9953‬ | If you are not receiving the reminds, make sure you are signed up for them. Remind 101 Text “@…” to 81010.

New Dimensions 
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New Dimensions Parents
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Iridescence Parents 
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What are Big Cheeks' expenses?

The show choirs pay for all of Big Cheeks' travel. The only thing Big Cheeks is responsible for is costume payment (for members not in rhythm). 

What is the password for the parent portal?

logcabin (Changes every year)

What should I make checks out to?

Checks should be made out to CHHS for Registration or Travel and CHHS Choral Boosters for Costumes. Also it is VERY IMPORTANT to put your child’s name, as well as what the payment is for, in the MEMO section of the check. If you are combining payments, then also designate how much is going to which item (i.e. $75 for costumes; $150 for travel) in order to help us maintain accurate account balances.

When are competitions?

You can check Sandi's Calendar or Home page of the website

Where can I find out about future events?

You can check Sandi's Calendar for all upcoming events, also you can check the monthly newsletters to stay up to date!